Wednesday, July 27, 2011

A new NPC

As I previously said, the new minizone is finished, and so the enemies in there. I spent 2 days doing the last enemy (other different than the slime boss), doing all its animations (for walking, attacking, blocking, jumping and death), and implementing its code.

I was impressed of how fast I did, and I thought that doing just a questguiver NPC will take me a couple of hours. I mean, it's only a NPC, with only a couple of animations (expressions and not too much to do). No walking, No attacking... it seemed pretty easy.


I've spent the las four days just doing this NPC! Those days I've been very busy, travelling and doing other things. So, I didn't have enough time for the game.

The new NPC had to be a child. When you find it in game, you'll know why it must be. I tried to design a child, but all my tries became rubbish (the same than all my tries to do grounds). So, I looked for models. Then, I wrote on google images "manga child" and I found this image in

So, I started to work, and after 4 days, I just finish this little elf girl.

As you can see, I've been practising curved lines with flash. Thus, this design has more rounded forms and angles than Beth.
Hope you like.

PS. Just if anyone is wondering, NO, she won't have sex with Beth or any other creature.

Thursday, July 21, 2011

Game progress

Those last days I've been pretty busy, so I hadn't had enough time to spend with the game. Anyway, the new zone and enemies are finished, and I just have to do a couple of surprises (and that could take me some days).
I don't know how busy I'm gonna be those days, so I can't say a date for the next update. Maybe next sunday... maybe next tuesday... sorry, but I just can't say.

Those are the maths I've been doing for level balancing:

Enemy level n
- Health points: 3+(3*n)
- Physical damage reduction: n
- Magical damage reduction: n
- Max Damage: 3+(2*n)+n -------> mean damage per level 1.5+2n
- Experience┬║: if n=1 => 2 points.
if n>1 => 150% of experience at level (n-1)

Beth level n:
- Health points: 5+(5*n)
- Physical damage reduction^: n
- Magical damage reduction^: n
- Max Damage^: 6+(2*n)+n -------> mean damage per level 3+2n

^ means that this reductions and damage shoud be got by equipment. So at level 5 Beth should find items that grant her 5 points of damage reduction, and a weapon that deals damage between 0 and 16 (the extra +n damage is added by the attack value: Maximum attack value is 10*level, and each 10 attack points adds 1 extra point of damage).

┬║ means that I'm assuming that an enemy of level n is a 50% harder than an enemy of level n-1.

Anyway, that's the first approach, and those maths must be tested playing.

I've also finished the poll, because their tendencies seem not to change considerably. So I'm considering starting a new poll to see what kind of sex/perversions people would like to find in the game. But before that, I'd like you to comment what options I should set in the poll.

I'd also like you to comment a interesting question I made at the LoK forum. Today I wrote:

I haven't decided yet how rapes would influence sluttyness. I have two choices:
1) As you said, with a low sluttyness, rape is a bad experience that makes main character feel some kind of repulse for sex (and so rape should decrease sluttyness).
2) Sluttyness represents some kind of moral limit. So rape pushes this limit. I mean, Beth could think something like "I have been raped by a werewolf, so I don't mind be paid for sex".

So, what do you guys think about?

PS. If you prefer not to write at my blog, feel free to send me comments and suggestions or whatever you want to my email. If I hadn't wanted you to send me emails, I wouldn't have put it in my profile (where you can find it).

Saturday, July 16, 2011

The other slime

Here is the slime boss you'll find in the next update. This slime is a serious version, with no eyes and closer to the D&D classic slimes.

A new zone has been added to the map. Now I have to make the enemies to fill it before upload.

Has anyone discovered the new magical item I created in the last update? xD

Monday, July 11, 2011

A new DB

You don't notice, but today I've done a big progress in the game. I've made an items data base that will do the creating items task easier. But when playing, you won't see any diference. But actually I'm quite proud of my work today. xD

That's how I previosly create items (sorry for the spanglish code xD):
For each item I created, I had to initialize those variables:
- superponible: mmmmm, sorry, I don't know how to translate. xD
- clase: name of the movieclip.
- descripcion: description. That wasn't hard to traslate. xD
- tipo: type
- equ: equipable - same than spanish.
- ds: distance to pick.

The fact is that I needed to add more variables to the items (Buy/selling price, increased seduction (when equipped), armour and fire resistance). So I had to wrote all this new variables in each of the more than 20 items I had. It seemed lot of boring work. And then I have the great idea:

I created an item data base with excel:
And with a couple of fixes, I can easily import this to AS2. So, adding and editing new items are now much easier for me.


Wednesday, July 6, 2011

Here comes a new challenger

An image of the enemy I'm working on right now.

What do you think about it? Shouldn't it have eyes? Should it have mouth? Maybe be bigger?

I know what are you wondering now:
- Yes, it will do naughty things to Beth (if some conditions are met).
- It will be harder than rats. xD

PS. By the way, I've uploaded some minor changes:
- Larger font for item description.
- "Next" button changed to "Skip" button at intro.
- Bigger box-highlight in invetory.
- fixed snake movement. Before that, it sometimes went nobody knows where and disappear. Not anymore (I hope).
- Dialog box stack maximum increased to 10.
- Adjusted dialog box position.

PS2. Today's contest: In the intro, the bad guy stole a book from a university. Anyone knows the name of the university?

Friday, July 1, 2011

Finally, it's a H-game!

Version 0.3 finished (and uploaded)!

This version contains a couple of H-events (that you'll have to discover) and a some other surprises I don't want to spoil. As I said before, don't expect the H-events to be some kind of harcore sex because Beth starts the game with a low "Sluttyness" value.


PS. Opinions, comments and critics will be welcome!
PS. Updated to v0.31. I just fixed a couple of bugs:
- Inventory bug.
- Undefined experience bug.
(Thanks anonymous commenters!)