Monday, September 12, 2011

How I started... (Part One)

Those days I'm pretty busy and I can't even write a single line of code for my game. So I've decided to write a few lines about how I started my travel in this game's development up to this point. Just to give something to read to all the people that are waiting for news about my next release.
So, if you like my game, you'll surely love all the games that inspired me to do it.

It was winter of 2010. Many years ago I discovered the funny-games web page, and I followed the Charlie's serie cartoons. Last winter I was just taking a look when I discovered the LoK game. Just now I can't remember if I saw first Playshapes' original or DirtyC101 version, but I loved both. That was something really amazing for me: a erotic game done in flash, with some background and story and a female main character.

I like them so much that I looked for more similar stuff, and so I discovered more Playshapes' and DirtyC101 games ("MIM", "FF:Beta on the Beach"). So I did with Gorepete2's Metroid game and all those lead me to the Legend of Krystal forum.

All this search of H-games also lead me to the Hongfire and ULMF forums that where very helpful. Those forums discovered me lot of H-games not in Flash. But I must mention Cassie's MythComplexity, the fisrt H-RPG done in Flash I found.

The first Hentai RPG-maker game I tried was "Rape quest". It was a very short work in progress, but I liked it so much that made me look for more RPGs. A lot of years ago I played "Cobra mission", and I loved it, but "Rape quest" was more the kind of stuff I was looking for. And so, in my quest, I discovered "Violated Heroine". I just can say that, even being unfinished, I think it's the best Hentai RPG-maker game ever. It involves a really complex system of character personality that makes my game too simple compared with it. Nanako (main character) also has different reaction to the situations depending of the game variables. She can also get pregnant by monsters and give birth (or even abort) to little monster childs.

In HF and ULMF forums I found not only Flash or RPG maker games. I also found fighting (Queen of fighters, Super Strip Fighter IV), action (Nano Crisis) and other type of H-games.

A special mention to Nightmare Sphere. I started played this game because it's hentai, but I finished it because I was really hooked. I'm a fan of Castlevania series, and this game was so really well done that I didn't really mind it was hentai or not. I just love it. For me, it's the perfect example of DirtyC101's sentence "What if porn games were actually 'good' games too?"

At some point, I decided to make my own game with all the things I love from those games. I was considering if I should make it in Flash, Java or any other languaje, and finally I pick Flash as environment. Then I downloaded some FLA examples from LoK forum, and I was totally unable to understand their ActionScript code. But I finally learnt enough to start my project.

Thus, as my main inspiration, I consider "K Fox and the magic sword" and "Violated Heroine" as the parents of "Sex Realm".

Well, all I've just written is not really related with my game's development, but I thought it could interest some people. But if you guys like it, I could write more about the games that inspired me.