Monday, July 2, 2012

Alive and working (slooooooooowly)

Sorry, but I've been a bit lost those last weeks (or even months). Those last days I've been improving the original model, following an anatomy review Kyrieru's did for me (thanks once again, K!).
I modified, neck, shoulders, hips, ass, ankles... etc. That's how she looks now...

So, what do you think? Are there more things I should improve? (You can compare this concept with the previos one here)

About the game, I'm going to resume a couple of things extracted from conversations posted in previous comments:
- Game's provisional name: I'm considering different ones, and the most promising name is "Raped Justice" (レイプ正義). In a near future, I'll surely make a post to receive your suggestions for other possible names.
- Hairstyle: I haven't totally abandom the idea of the ponytail. But I relized that I do love the short hair. Maybe I could add hairstyle options in the game, probably using talent points.
- Talents: I thought 3 talent trees (Diablo II like) in the game:
     * Weapons talent tree (DPS): Points in this tree increase weapon damage, quicker shooting... etc. 
     * Athletic talent tree (Tank): Points increase HP, resistance to damage, higher jumping, faster movement. 
     * Sex talent tree: Points here will be used to receive less damage from rapes, to make her more attractive to enemies, and to enable some character configuration (like eyes color, hairstyle, boobs size... I don't know yet)