Monday, August 25, 2014

Summer progress

This weekend has been great for the progress of the game. I've added a few things:
- An arrow at the inventory that points the slot for the wearable items.
- Six new items, including a ring, new sexy clothes and two erotic books. Reading those books increases Beth's hornyness.

So, I've uploaded a video where you can see the new features, and also the new enemies (bear and giant ant).

I'll send the current test version of Sex Realm to the first one that discovers each one of the two following questions:
- What is the new ring I've added to the game?
- Who is the green guy in the picture of this post?

Write your answers in the comments.

PS. The next feature I'm going to work is an H-event, hehehe. Books are the key for this new event.

PS: Contest is over. The winners are:
- JayDon for the Claddagh ring
- Texxx. For "Rogue" the Orc, from the "I am MT" show.
I'm finishing a new H-event for the game. As soon as it's finished I'll send the test version to the winners.

Thursday, August 21, 2014

Hnyarly's recommendations

I've playing some games those last weeks that I must recommend you all. That will make shorter your wait to the next:

- The first one is Akabur's Princess Trainer. I love Akabur's art, and the game was very interesting. I got stuck a couple of times, but found a good guide, hehehe.

- The second one is Rhode's fortress: I love all Scale garden's RPGs, and this one fulfil my expectations. As in all their games, they use the concept of main character's perversion through the game (all those ideas I love and want to add to SR). Also, I love the CGs. The combat system is complex, and the battles long, so the game is not oriented to farming XP. Anyway, I enjoyed the time I spent. The main problem is that the game is in japanese only, but kR1pt0n1t3 has done a partial translation of some graphics and combat text (thanks!!!). For the game, I used chiitrans that works... well not excellent, but it helps to understand a bit of the dialogues.

- The third one is  Hextech's Motion Stopper. It's a very short RPG, but it's funny to play.

About Sex Realm, the game development is progressing very well. I've also bought a new laptop and working in flash has become a brand new experience, hehehe.

Sunday, August 3, 2014

Changes in the interface

I've been adding some details to the inventory and stats interface. What do you think?

That's the look of the old interface: