Sunday, June 5, 2016

Good/Great news

Well, finally I have recent news. They could be good or great ones...

If you had problems with the saving slots, news are great, because I finally implemented the new saving system (using the MDM zinc 3 functions). So, now the game doesn't use Flash shared objects any longer. Saved games are stored in a local file. WARNING: this may cause future bugs, that I still haven't discovered. I'll need your help.

If you don't have any problems with the game, the good news are that I finally defeated this millstone, so I can progress with the content development.


Also, as side note, those days I've been playing a great H-RPG game.
Married Warrior Emma - Ruins of the Ancient Empire (人妻戦士エマ 古代帝国の遺跡) 

I also found an english translation by m1zuki ( thanks a lot !!! )
So, that's my recomendation while waiting my next release

PS: New black dress (suggested by anon)